Leadership of our brands.

Mark Punselie

Director Bauhaus ArtITech

Mark takes you on a journey and creates support from management and technicians with astonishing ease.

Lex Deetman

Director Bauhaus ArtITech

Coherence, overview and an integrated approach. Lex takes over the helm and gets everyone on board with mathematical precision.

Sven van de Nobelen

Director One Zero IT

Sven smoothly shifts from people attention to business attention to technical attention, making a serious and balanced impact on all three dimensions.

Roland van Aggelen

Director One Zero IT

Meeting Roland is an unforgettable experience. His ability to grasp your mind and match the exact right team of professionals is stunning.

Michael Ataman

Director ncubed

Michael takes care of everyone’s motivational health by living up to his promises and putting unlimited energy in business partners, customers and his team.

Rob Visser

Director ncubed

Rob likes to solve complex issues. He moves smoothly through organizations and ensures that the technology simply works. He also continuously strives to make solutions as sustainable as possible.

Djamshid Mohammadian

Director Rvados

Djamshid litteraly lives for his customers and his team, leading to robust, future IT solutions and an excellent customer experience.

Michael Singeling

Director Rvados

When Michael makes up his mind about the to-be architecture, he always finds the right solution and knows how to make this all work (oid).

Arthur Beverloo

Director IT Rbls

Young, enthusiastic, powerful. Arthur knows and motivates his team to analyze and build the perfect human and robot solutions.

Koen Huijbens

Director IT Rbls

Koen has a huge drive to solve the most complex problems and surprises you with the simplest solutions.


Our architects and professionals are all fully certified and have in depth knowledge of the partner solutions we embedded in our solutions and services. We work closely together with our partners during client transformation programs and solution design.

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