Our brands.

Strategy and Transformation.

Innovation, IT transformation and IT cost reduction programs require an integral strategy. To develop your digital, cloud or IT sourcing strategy, we always start with the business perspective (outside in). We build strategies for execution (Think forward) and take responsibility during the implementation thereof (Move Forward). You determine the destination. We lead the way.

Professional Services.

In need of high-quality expertise in your innovation projects regarding Cloud, Connectivity and Cybersecurity? Matching top IT Professionals is our profession. This is the foundation on which we built our professional services. Our Glorious consultants and staff rise above matter and have a solid track record. They master decomplexing IT.

Network Managed Services.

Supporting your todays and tomorrow’s business with future proof managed connectivity on your existing networking hardware?

We redesign, automate and manage your networking environment, extend your lifecycle and postpone hardware replacement using modern software solutions, leading to a material reduction of your TCO whilst keeping your network secure, robust and up to date.

Workplace Managed Services.

Today you want to work any time, any place, anywhere. Easily and securely log in and get access. We automate and make your cloud based workplace environment future proof. We provide the workplace managed solution that really supports your todays and tomorrow’s business and makes your employees smile.

Robotic Process Automation.

You believe in dedicated attention for your customers and so do we. By automating repetitive, manual and quality assurance tasks with the Microsoft Power Platform, valuable time of employees is made available, so they can focus on your customers, colleagues and business development.

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