Strategy and Transformation On Cloud Adoption and Sourcing Performance.

Taking responsibility means actually taking the lead in the Transformation. We take responsibility for the execution of your strategy. 

We support you with the development of your Cloud or Sourcing Vision & Strategy aligned with your business goals. We help you create a powerful vision addressing all stakeholders on how to increase business innovation, business agility and cost effectiveness.

To further detail your strategy and roadmap, an assessment of the application and infrastructure landscape, lifecycle management, and sourcing status is conducted. Multiple scenarios are developed to choose the best fitting transformation approach (lowest costs / minimal business impact / shortest duration).

To support decision making we quantify and qualify the possible transformation scenarios with financial and qualitative benefits using a value (business) case. Afterwards we lead the transformation with a skilled and experienced team, so you are assured of successfully realizing your strategic business goals.

Bauhaus ArtITech.

Bauhaus ArtITech is your partner during the entire strategy and transformation process: from ensuring decision-making at Executive Board level to executing the transformation. We work with all layers of your organisation, this is what makes Bauhaus unique compared to our competition.

We help organisations change their thinking and adapt new working methods effectively. At Bauhaus we don’t work with vague, high over strategies. We work towards plans that are realistic, feasible and executable. Think forward and move forward is what we stand for.

What Bauhaus ArtITech does.

Bauhaus helps organizations with strategy formation and transformation to digital business models. We put customer thinking and data central, organize automation in the cloud (cloud adoption) and organise outsourcing from the customer and business perspective (sourcing performance).

At Bauhaus we facilitate decision-making at the highest level in an organisation. The goal is to accelerate the transformation towards improved business models. We help you realise the translation from strategic objectives to actionable plans. We jointly develop a vision, assess the current situation and build a value case.

We don’t just make plans. We also take responsibility for the successful implementation. We embrace your entire IT (applications, data center, cloud, network, workplace) innovation and sourcing based on Service and Integration Management. We take responsibility to design best fitting architectures for your business.

The Think Forward process (building a strategy and values case) and Move Forward process of managing the transformation is based on more than a hundred years of experience and thoroughly evaluated best practices. With Bauhaus at your side we guarantee a smooth migration of your business-critical legacy applications to future fit IT solutions and services.

Who Bauhaus ArtITech works for.

Bauhaus works with your teams through an approach that can be characterised as charming, progressive, smart, open-minded, no hidden agendas and action oriented. We provide workshops and use methods that give your employees strength and courage to see opportunities and enable transformation. We guide, enable, educate, and give teams confidence.

When it comes to Cloud, we usually work with CIOs and IT managers who really want to move forward. In the line of transformation, we mainly help CIOs and CDOs to make an impact and implement real digitalisation in their organisation.

For sourcing we work together with CIOs and Supplier Management who have a complex sourcing landscape to upgrade and improve overall performance.

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