RPA Managed Services.

We stay in control of your RPA solutions so that they remain operational, are up to date and ready for further enhancement. We ensure that the deployment of IT is flexible and appropriate for your current and future needs. We offer our RPA services as a Managed Service. To make it comprehensible we standard included in the service: Manage & Support, Iterations, Innovation and Performance reviews. 

Our RPA services are developed in low code/no code software solutions, entirely based on the Microsoft Power Platform. This is the Microsoft’s low-code platform, consisting of Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents.  

IT Rbls.

“We make robots, so people can be human again” 

IT Rbls was created out of the thought to make repetitive, boring, and frustrating tasks a thing of the past, for example, when you export the same data set multiple times from one system to another, in order to be able to analyse data. 

This is just one example, but even though customer demands are different, the technical solutions are similar. Because of automating boring tasks, creativity can play a leading role again. 


What IT Rbls does.

IT Rbls builds low code/no code software solutions together with its customers, entirely based on the Microsoft Power Platform. The Power platform is Microsoft’s low-code platform, consisting of Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents.  

Solutions vary, but all have the goal of relieving workload while integrating and streamlining processes & teams. This gives our customers the opportunity to improve the quality of services and products.  We do this by automating digital processes and providing digital support for physical processes. The Power Platform makes it possible to link and integrate with thousands of SAAS solutions data and to serve as a flexible shell around the existing application landscape.  


Who IT Rbls works for.

At IT Rbls we offer our robot services as a subscription and make the use of technology accessible to everyone. Clearly written assignment descriptions and the transparent monthly costs, this makes it very easy to start your automation journey.

IT Rbls is the perfect partner for different type of projects and organisations. Small, medium and large. RPA solutions can be developed on department, organisation and intercompany level.

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