Cloud Managed Services.

“Think cloud native. Think software defined. Think Unlimiting”.

Get a grip on your cloud efforts!
You are probably well acquainted with the advantages of the cloud: elasticity, OPEX instead of CAPEX, reliability and innovative power. But your cloud environment, like that of many organisations, will probably remain hybrid for a long period to come. It is also likely to expand because of new digital initiatives, for instance through additional (co) locations, cloud providers, connections, IoT initiatives, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services.

How do you keep control over this ever-growing landscape knowing that you, in the end, remain ultimately responsible? And how to keep costs, compliance, and security under control? That is where MatrixMind with its CloudHub platform, consultancy and managed services can help.

Your cloud environment fully managed.
The CloudHub basic setup – in which we integrate your own data center with your (first) cloud of your choice – is fully managed for you. We guarantee uptime, performance and strive for continuous optimisation. The same applies to all future extensions if you decide to integrate additional (cloud) service providers, connections or (international) locations in your landscape.

Do you want us to further manage, protect and optimise your cloud environment? No problem. We offer managed services around Deployment, Security, Governance and Kubernetes.


MatrixMind is partly owned by Eurofiber and specialises in cloud solutions, managed services and consultancy. Using its hybrid and multi-cloud platform; CloudHub, as a starting point. We advise companies on cloud architecture, we design and build Cloud Landing Zones based on the architetural frameworks of Microsoft Azure and AWS, build end-to-end Hybrid Cloud integration solutions and manage these on their behalf, securing and optimizing them continuously.

What MatrixMind does.

Matrixmind CloudHub is our flagship product: a managed cloud network architecture, delivered as a service, optimized for hybrid and multi-cloud setups and is extremely easy to expand. It is a highly reliable network gateway service which works and serves as an integration hub at which all internal and external connections terminate, like:

  • a customer DC
  • offices or factories
  • co-lo location facilities (national or international)
  • cloud service-, SaaS-, PaaS-, IaaS- or other service providers
  • external providers

Due to simplifying connectivity to all these players, it allows customers to move applications, processes, and data to the cloud at their own pace without changing infrastructure requirements. It makes it easy to introduce innovation through literally thousands of cloud, PAAS, SAAS providers available at a customer’s finger tips.

Who MatrixMind works for.

As more and more critical processes move to the cloud, the need for building architectures based on private connections increases. We work for organizations that realize this. They see that those new digital initiatives, (co) locations, cloud providers, connections, IoT cases, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services require their cloud landscapes to provide the additional reliability, performance and security a private network provides.

Customers ask us to help build these environments for them, manage them, keeping control of costs, compliance and security.

We promise organizations that always expect adherence to the latest cloud vendor reference architectures, they can safely keep on innovating. We stand for Unlimiting IT.

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