Managed Connectivity.

When looking at computer networks, we decided to think differently. We redesigned the view on managed connectivity, using open platforms and open sourcing the code, that we developed limiting ourselves by not wasting existing networking hardware and solving critical missing functionality with software. For robust and future proof managed connectivity.

We manage your infrastructure.
Now and in the future.

Our Cloud, Workplace and Networking Managed Services integrate seamlessly. Software defined infrastructure provides a robust cloud-based platform for your business applications, users and costumers.

Analysis of your current network, monitoring of the network, design of a new network and pushing intends to the network components is all done by software. Trouble shoot old problems, create new functions and innovate your network is all done by software. Software is the new hardware. Software defined networking ensures you stay on the main road and pass the dead end streets.

Our Managed Connectivity solutions stand for Unlimiting IT.


We love our job. Our job is to remove the bottlenecks of connectivity. Be it the campus, wide-area network, wireless or security. We work with the newest technologies and write our own applications and tools. Over the last decades we have seen hardware innovation shift towards software innovation. Today, software used by large companies do not only add value, it also creates a lock in situation. Customers are forced to continue to use that software while prices continue to soar. We break this cycle and reduce electronic waste in the process.

We can automate. We make your networking environment future proof. We extend your lifecycle. We provide managed connectivity on your existing networking hardware.

ncubed is here to provide Unlimiting Connectivity.

What ncubed does.

ncubed always has sustainability on top of our minds. Our name stands for “Net Neutral Networks” and it is our goal to someday deliver a CO2 neutral service. The witness statement of Sir David Attenborough inspired us.

“Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste.”

This means that we first look at the existing equipment and look for ways to reuse and optimize it and if key functionality is missing, we only replace components that are needed.

Replacement is expensive, not sustainable and often completely unnecessary. By utilizing the very latest technologies and applying them to your existing hardware, we ensure that our customers can use the investments for other things.

Who ncubed works for.

We as ncubed have our focus on vital infrastructure organization in the Netherlands, or working internationally. When the pandemic hit, some companies were ready to work anywhere, anytime. Our solutions work anytime, anywhere, with the zero-trust principle in mind. We provide automated network audits for optimized health. Our transformational projects and onboarding projects go hand in hand with our managed services offering.

We provide, (SD)WAN, (SD)LAN, WIFI and Firewall management. We opt for remote management. Meaning we can provide support anytime and anywhere which makes our service faster, more efficient, and more user friendly. We care about our customers, their customers and a better place to live for our children.

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