Professional Services Cloud, Connectivity and Cybersecurity.

Our specialized consultants are contracted by our clients to support them in using IT to achieve their business objectives. Their contribution varies from providing general advice on sourcing or benchmarking to the actual implementation of a chosen technical solution. Our experts are organised in four chapters: Automation, Cloud, Connectivity and Security.

The cloud Chapter provides for example cloud ready and cloud security assessments. We make an inventory of the current IT environment and describe the dependencies / limitations that are involved in a transition to the cloud. Both the current architecture and the automation tooling and security best practices are an important part of research in the realisation of the assessment. Depending on the wishes, needs and vulnerabilities, changes can be considered in the architecture or automation tooling, as well as (and of course) the implementation thereof.

We help you from the networking product selection all the way up to the final implementation. Together we determine and describe your business specific network features and requirements, for example prioritisation of applications, support for multi-cloud and integrated network security. Together with you, we define the future needs to connect your employees and customers from outdoor locations to important applications, which run either in a data center or in the cloud.

With the Security chapter we provide you for example with Security Architecture. We help you implement a Threat Intel framework, choosing specific feeds that are relevant to the customer. We help you migrate from a central log situation to a SIEM/SOC integration with customer-specific use cases and threat intel. As well as automation integration, which can ultimately help reduce false positives.

One Zero IT.

Decomplex your IT infrastructure with the Glorious Consultants from One Zero IT. We would like to explain that word Glorious. The ultimate goal of the Glorious Consultants is to celebrate victory with you. We are extremely interested in your strategic or tactical IT questions. The more complex the better. But that feeling of triumph, with the successful operational delivery of your project, is what we really go for.

One Zero IT supplies super specialists in the field of IT infrastructure. They know through strong personal relationships what is happening at customers, and they communicate in a direct, relaxed way.

What One Zero IT does.

We are aware that delivering high-quality knowledge is not the only essential factor for successful assignments. Customers are also looking for a knowledgeable partner that can think form their perspective and really understand their needs. This can vary from training and validation to advice; we tailor our services accordingly.

Just like us, our customers find it important that in addition to serious and hard work, we also have fun with each other. They can appreciate that we come up with crazy things to draw attention to something and that our consultants move easily in their organisation.

Who One Zero IT works for.

Whether you are an IT-consultant or Product Owner, One Zero can provide the right people to help you with your infrastructure. We have divided our services in three chapters: cloud, connectivity and security.

One Zero IT delivers the right team or person to support you. Our Glorious consultants bring high quality knowledge and because they work full-time in the field, they bring along best practices to each assignment.

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