Workplace and M365 Managed Services.

We manage your end user infrastructure. Now and in the future.

Our Workplace, Cloud and Networking Managed Services integrate seamlessly. Software defined infrastructure provides a robust cloud-based platform for your business applications, users and costumers.

Today you want to work any time, any place, anywhere. Easily log in and get access, on your own device. Work in a mixed environment with laptops, Wyse Terminals, Mac and desktops. Collaborate with colleagues using Teams, Teams voice, Sharepoint, One Drive, Google Drive, Citrix and Microsoft365.

With our workplace solutions we integrate all the desktop services, applications you need and more. With our user-friendly Azure Virtual Desktop, we ensure you stay on the main road and pass the dead end streets.

Our Workplace Managed Services stands for Unlimiting IT.


Customer intimacy is Rvados’ business model. We help to provide our customers with the best workplace solution, while anticipating on tomorrow’s business needs. We work with a team of highly motivated professionals to build the best cloud-based workplaces managed services.

What Rvados does.

The workplace and cloud solutions linked to it are the central environment for professionals to do their work. We organize security, usability and easy access to applications, data and collaboration tools. We design, build and manage workplace solutions based on virtual desktops, Citrix, identity, access management solutions and Microsoft365. Based on generic architecture and seamless implementation to fit customers specific requirements.

Who Rvados works for.

We work for organizations in transition towards the modern workplace. Organizations who are convinced that their employees are best served with a best practice standard solution. Organizations who have managed the workplace solution by themselves in the past and want a managed services provider to lead their solution in the future.

We help organizations to optimize all workplace related topics like Web Access, Gateway, Connection Broker, Diagnostics. With additional managed services like Azure Virtual Network, Azure AD, Azure Universal Print, Microsoft Active Directory Services, WVD Session Host and WVD Workspaces.

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