90NORTH Management.

Within 90NORTH you do not recognize traditional roles. There’s no strict hierarchy. Nevertheless, there are three captains on this ship who carry the ultimate responsibility together. They help connect the six brands and make sure that there’s optimal collaboration.

The three men who are leading the way are Antoine de Wispelaere, Lucas den Os and Hans den Hartog. With their own characteristics and expertises, they are making a strong team who are always going in the same direction.

Antoine de Wispelaere.

Antoine de Wispelaere is focused on business development and Transformation Advisory. He thinks it important to be distinctive, enthusiastic and stimulating.

Antoine de Wispelaere, experienced CIO, build the foundation of the group by starting Bauhaus ArtITech together with Lex Deetman in 2010. He thinks it is amazing what they all have accomplished together. An organisation that has now evolved in to a group of entrepreneurial companies with their own brands and specialisms.

He’s proud of 90NORTH and the way they lead.  We focus on improvement of business agility. Building a digital greenfield is easy. Customers often heavily rely on the revenue supported by their legacy processes and systems. 90NORTH integrates legacy into the new world of software defined cloud solutions, that requires our team and its members to breath business and IT. Large transformations require an integral view on IT and knowledge of how business and IT are connected. Our solutions always need to be one step ahead, this gives us the opportunity to take full responsibility.

Lucas den Os.

Lucas den Os can make something complex sound very simple.  He’s keen to use his brain and keep everyone motivated and focused.

Lucas den Os joined the group in 2017 to strengthen the Matrixmind organization with his previous experience as a Managing Director at a large IT-integrator. He enjoys determining how all group brands can be merged into one integrated offering towards customers. Of course, with one goal in mind: to better serve these clients when we are acting as a coherent group of IT specialist companies. Although 90NORTH is expanding rapidly, it managed to preserve its customer intimacy that it had when it was much smaller.

90NORTH is big enough to be an organization which, based on its knowledge level, can compete with much larger IT providers. But it is also a company which favors direct action over formalities and believes in giving people autonomy to be successful.  Employees that typically bring a can-do mentality, entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take ownership of their projects. Their ability to strike a balance between technology and human involvement is what Lucas really sees as one of the strengths of 90NORTH in Unlimiting IT.

Hans den Hartog.

Hans den Hartog is convinced that the best results achieved with teamwork. He loves to be active in the field because that’s where you learn the most.

Hans den Hartog, experienced CFO, joined 90NORTH management team in 2015 to add business and financial expertise to the team. He’s responsible for everything that has to do with Finance, HR and Compliance. He thinks it’s great how the group has become more specialised over the years. In any of our specialized brands, we have impressive teams of great professionals. He is proud of how the quality of the teams has improved year over year. Now the time has come to make large steps as a group.

For years you have been able to do business with any of our brands individually. We now decided to bring our brands together within 90NORTH to provide our customers and employees with end-to-end solutions and services. We also upgraded our managed services operation to a joint level. To be future proof, our managed services are driven by automation. 90NORTH is more fun to do business with and we are a more attractive employer for talent this way. Hans can’t wait to see where 90NORTH will be in a couple of years.


Our architects and professionals are all fully certified and have in depth knowledge of the partner solutions we embedded in our solutions and services. We work closely together with our partners during client transformation programs and solution design.

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